Spinach catalan-style


Check this medieval catalan recipe and get spinach nutritional value with a sweet touch. ¿Did you know raisins and pine nuts were already popular on mediterranean cultures in medieval times? Nowadays some people do add garlic, onion or ham, but we’ll stick to the classic version.


  • Fresh organic spinach from the farmer’s market
  • Pine nuts
  • Dried rasins
  • Olive oil and salt

We will clean, cut and scald spinach (boil for less than one minute). This will ‘cook’ it and will allow us to reduce the frying time. Spinach nutritional value is at its best when fresh, steamed, or quickly boiled.

spinach in waterscald spinach

In a pan, sauté pine nuts and raisins in olive oil. Olive oil is healthier but try not to overdo it, I use here less than a teaspoon.
Drain spinach, cut and add to pan. Cook for less than 5 minutes.

sauté raisins and pine nutssauté spinach

I like to accompany this dish with boiled organic wholemeal buckwheat, not only goes well together, but also takes more or less the same time to be done. Other options are eating it with bread or using it as a filling for vol au vents, canelloni, lasagna or as a topping for pizza.

Bon profit and remember:
“Qui guarda quan té, menja quan vol” – Valencian proverb


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