Taller d’aperitius indis

A Londres costen £30 al council. A València el meu herbolari en va fer ahir un per 5€ on els beneficis aniran a una xicoteta ONG.

Taller de cuina herbetes

Estic contenta perquè de les sis receptes, cinc n’eren veganes. Les aniré pujant aquí poc a poc. La gent molt agradable i carolo, el cuiner, si li estiraves la llengua contava històries sobre els anys que va passar a l’Índia.

  • Totes les receptes vegetarianes i cursos de cuina vegetariana de Carolo al grup de facebook ‘El taller de Carolo’.

  • La ONG on va treballar Carolo i que duu dos orfelinats a Nepal i Calcuta es diu Amigos de Tara. Marco i Piedad van pedalar fins allà per recaptar fons i t’ho conten en aquest vídeo:


Who cares about the weather black forrest ice lollies


Spring is here! Or it could be! Eventually!

So, who cares? Fruit ice lollies take you to a promised sunny land. Plus, are a ready treat in your freezer. The only thing you really need is an ice lolly mould and the chopper attachment from your blender. My chopper is strong enough, alway check if yours can handle ice!

* One banana peeled, sliced and frozen
* Handful of black forrest frozen fruits
* Drops of oats milk alternative, or any other milk alternative
* A dried apricot, chopped

* Drop in blender the banana and the frozen fruits
* Blend while adding the milk alternative till ice-cream consistency.
* Fill ice lolly moulds and put to freezer.
* Tip: For the mould to easily loosen, rinse with lukewarm water.

Where to get this stuff?
* Lolly moulds: IKEA £2
* Black Forest Fruits: Tesco £2
* Oats milk alternative: Oatly Organic £1.39
* Dried Apricots: Tesco £1

Vegan hearty broccoli stem soup

Vegan hearty broccoli soup

A hearty soup should be filling, a healthy soup should be plant-based, dairy-free and low-fat. Or at least that’s what The Starch Solution from McDougall MD says. I disagree with McDougall on avoiding completely fat and still using sugar. I avoid refined sugar as much as possible and I still use olive oil, but only a tiny little bit, as macrobiotics do. Few drops are enough to add flavour, and the legumes make it so yummy I just had three bowls of it. Can’t hardly move. Gosh, have to stop being such a fab cook.

Credits for inspiring the idea and a much beautiful pic go to Cheezy loaded potato broccoli soup by Lunchbox. I didn’t use any vegan cheese, they are all very fatty anyway, nor my usual oats milk/cream, so this one is gluten-free too. The florets I used them in another dish yesterday but kept the stem for this one. Most people throw away the stem not knowing it’s edible! Broccoli stems are as nutritious as the broccoli crown. Such a waste of resources. Eat the peel of potatoes too, vitamins are underneath, just buy organic ones and it’ll be fine.

Ingredients (makes 2-4):

  • Broccoli stem
  • Two small potatoes
  • 50gr of split peas
  • 50gr of red split lentils
  • Eye of garlic
  • Small piece of red cabbage
  • Half a carrot
  • Piece of red pepper


  • Cut broccoli florets and use for something else. For example this steamed broccoli with dried tomatoes and boiled wheat berries. Yummy!
  • Boiled wheatberries and steamed broccoli

  • Save/freeze broccoli stem for this dish.
  • Boil broccoli stem, two small potatoes, eye of garlic and 50 grams of split peas for 20 min.
  • Blend
  • Add 50 grams of split red lentils and boil 20 min further
  • As a topping: chop red cabbage, red pepper and grate carrot. Sauté in a pan with only two drops of oil.
  • Add your toppings plus pepper and black sesame seeds, or just regular sesame seeds, or ground flax seeds. We do eat with our eyes after all
  • Enjoy!

Sexy spooning seitan stew


This was inspired by a recipe of Tempeh stew from Hiulits Cuisine . I just happened to have seitan and used it instead of tempeh. Also wanted to make it a bit more simple, so I skipped all the grounding of nuts and replaced it with chopped mushrooms. The overall main idea is to get something similar to a pea beef stew, wich I had not had in years. My only mistake was not to watch closely my broth, and almost burned it. Be careful when you play with fire!


  • Carrot
  • Half onion
  • Peas
  • Half eggplant (small)
  • Four white button mushrooms
  • Half tomato (small)
  • Seitan
  • Half bay leaf
  • Salt
  • Olive oil

Seitan stew howto: sauté vegetables Seitan stew howto 2: boil low-heat


  1. Sauté chopped carrot and onion till tender
  2. Add peas and chopped eggplant
  3. Add water, seitan, chopped mushrooms, chopped tomato, cover and bring to a boil
  4. Reduce heat and simmer 20 minutes
  5. Serve

Mushroom soup with apple and baharat


What to do with button mushrooms that go bad? I hate to throw away food, and my mushrooms had only brown spots and a bit of liquid. But should I risk it?

After an intense search of 5 min, I have not seen any specific answer to this. Seems that if mushrooms are wild, beware, they could get poisonous just by going bad. But if they are white button and come from the supermarket, it’s very unlikely they contain bacteria or spores that will hurt you. Some websites refer to white mushrooms ‘sweating’ and that you should keep them in a brown paper bag, others, that mushrooms dry away and the brown spots are an indicator of this. My mushrooms were in a plastic container that was partially covered, mushrooms dried, water evaporated, hit the plastic top, condensed, liquid fell. Made sense. Or maybe not, because the liquid was at the bottom. Forget science, I was hungry and decided to take my chances.

If you’re doing something as stupid as this, cook the mushrooms, they’ll be less nutritious but at least you’ll be beating the chances of food poisoning. I actually flambéed them at some point while frying with garlic. Then added apple. Boiled with sliced potato. And blended.

I was not 100% sure about the taste, so I did as millenary cultures: use spices to cover it. This time, it was Baharat, and I’ve got to say this mushroom trip is fantastic. Just joking, I’m perfectly well. Just wished this flying elephant would move and let me see the screen. Recipe is delicious, but will use fresh mushrooms next time.

Widowed lentils soup with carrot and cavolo nero

Widowed lentils soup with carrot and cavolo nero

In Spain, ‘widowed lentils’ stands for meatless lentils. Binary-gender-criticism apart, I wanted to give some sexy greenery and carrot for the widow to play. Cavolo nero is rough enough to stand the long cooking green lentils need, so I gave it a try, and got one new recipe for the win!

Ingredients for 1 serving:
– Green lentils 100gr
– One clove of garlic
– Half bay leaf
– Piede of celery
– Small organic carrot
– Six cavolo nero leaves, chopped
– Salt

Soak green lentils for at least half an hour. Some varieties need the whole night, check directions on your label. Boil everything together for at least 15 minutes, you won’t need no oil. Depending on the variety, you might need up to 45 minutes for the lentils to soften. Keep an eye and stir, you don’t want to run out of stock. Serve.

[Recipe review] Tomato, courgette, white bean and basil soup (The perfect pantry)

This is a picture of Lablascovegmenu's Flickr that shows a bowl of Tomato, zucchini, white bean and basil soup

Baked beans had shown to lower total cholesterol levels and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, according to wikipedia, so I’ve been looking for new ways to cook white beans with vegetables, other than common meat-based spanish fabada (or soyrizo for based vegan fabada).

I followed this perfect pantry’s recipe. Well, more or less, as always. I didn’t use cheese, nor replaced it with anything. I didn’t use heavy stock, just added extra celery, and did not use enough tomatoes, just two cherry ones. But I did use dried beans instead of canned, that gives it more vitamins, is cheaper, has better taste and I bet is more filling. Just bear in mind dried beans do grow a lot from dry to soaked, and to keep an eye not to run out of water.

– white beans
– olive oil
– courgette, chopped
– tomatoes, chopped
– dried thyme
– fresh basil leaves

Start turning on the alarm the night before you want to do this. Soak beans in water when it rings.
The day after, I started with the sauté onion and garlic then boiled soaked beans with water, tyme and celery for more than one hour. Is calles slow cooking for a reason, I guess.
Then I added the chopped courgette and tomatoes and boiled for some ten to fifteen minutes more.

Overall rating… meh. Don’t get me wrong, beans were delicious, but they always are. I guess it’s really good if you’re used to baked beans with tomato, because this recipe them an italian twist. But for me, it still lacks something, and I’m not the kind of girl to rely on heavy vegetable stock or cheese for that. Will keep on searching!

Cavolo nero gratin in wholemeal spelt and oats milk béchamel sauce


This dish was not planned this week, but I had a pair of beers yesterday, and today it felt just right to have some healthy cleanse. Gratin is just perfect for when your body feels cheesy but deep down needs greens. So I played with cavolo nero, and won. Yum!

– Cavolo nero
– Onion
– Garlic
– Oats milk
– Spelt flour
– Breadcrumbs

Boil cavolo nero until soft. Sauté with onions and garlic. Place in oven dish and cover with béchamel. I did béchamel sauce with oats milk and spelt flour this time, but soy milk would have been better because of its stronger flavor and whiter color.
Sprinkle breadcrumbs, olive oil and bake in oven.

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Recipe review: Vegan Cream of Cauliflower (Gluten Free Vegan Girl)


“De som vill sjunga hittar alltid en sång” – Swedish proverb

Dill was never something I was much into, because my west-mediterranean family has never used it for cooking. Then I tried IKEA’s sauce for salmon and however unhealthy, I felt immediately in love with that lovely new taste behind the sugar. Now I only had to find a healthy dish it could go with, and came upon a recipe from the Gluten Free Vegan Girl. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present you: Vegan Cream of Cauliflower with Dill.

This adaptation of her vegan recipe uses dill and a bay leaf as herbs, oats milk as a non dairy milk (sorry it’s not gluten-free anymore), and plain water and celery instead of vegetable broth. If you are going to use celery, please choose organic at least for this once, conventionally grown celery has high pesticide residue. What I do is buying it at the farmer’s market, cutting it into pieces and freezing it, then I always have some in hand for when I need it.

For two servings I used:
– Half an onion
– Half a garlic clove
– A small potato (organic)
– Half a cauliflower (organic)
– Half carrot (organic)
– A quarter a glass of oats milk (just the one I had around)
– A little piece of celery (organic)

– As she suggests: sauté onion and garlic in a pot until onion is transparent. Then added chopped potato and carrot and cooked a little longer. I always use olive oil, but try to keep it as low as possible, few drops, so never more than a tea spoon.
– The following thing was adding water, the cauliflower, a piece of celery, a pinch of dill, salt and half a bay leaf. Left boiling for some fifteen minutes. Blended. Added the milk. She suggests heating it up all again after the milk. I did not, was too hungry. In any case the soup was warm enough to keep warm even with the milk. So that was it.
– Serve.

My conclusion: an overall outstanding recipe. Comforting. Healthy. And if it can be this good after my wrongdoings, it’s so easy anybody can do it. Give it a try, sing-along and… Smaklig måltid!

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Superfast healthy vegan ice cream

Raw vegan banana ice cream with frozen berries

Contrary to most recipes you’ve seen online for ice cream, this one does not contain dairy, sugar nor sweetener neither you need expensive ice cream machines. Tastes delicious and it’s done in a flapping of a butterfly!

It’s amazing how sweet a banana can be. And it absolutely does NOT make you fat. No matter what you read in superficial magazines about the sugar content. I might disagree with Debra Waterhouse on women needing chocolate, but her book was right on this and many other things. Banana sweetness it’s packed in really good fiber and vitamins, plus (I quote wikipedia) “Bananas are an excellent source of vitamin B6, soluble fiber, and contain moderate amounts of vitamin C, manganese and potassium. Along with other fruits and vegetables, consumption of bananas may be associated with a reduced risk of colorectal cancer and in women, breast cancer and renal cell carcinoma”.

So: Go bananas and treat yourself with a healthy ice cream for a change!

You’ll need:
* A sprinkle od oats milk. My favorite, but any other non dairy milk of your choice will do.
* Frozen banana. Most people freeze their bananas unpeeled. I don’t. I peel, slice it and freeze it in a plastic bag. Then you only use what you need, or thicken if you overdid the oats milk, you got me!
* Chopper attachment blender. My chopper is strong enough, but alway check if yours can handle ice.
* (Optional) Berries either fresh or frozen and mint leaf

Drop in blender the equivalent of a frozen banana per person and a sprinkle of oats milk. Chop. Serve.
Decor with tiny mint leaf and berries. If you use frozen berries like I do, get them out of the freezer some minutes before, so they will be softer when you serve.

This dish does melt fast, so be fast taking your instagram picture 😀