Red cabbage, apple & cranberries

Red cabbage, apple, cranberries

Stuck with a basket of cranberries, got this idea zapping. Contrary to what I remember, the recipe from the food network has no apple. Whatever, recipe mutation is part of the fun.

Mediterranian as I am, didn’t know any cranberries other than the irish band until I faced them in the local supermarket. We love fresh berries, or we did, before we experienced some could be so sour. Yeah, cultureshock. The result of cooking them without sugar is… just ok. Better than expected though. And Hey! The colours!


  • Half a red cabbage
  • An organic apple
  • Handful of cranberries
  • Olive oil
  • Salt


Stir red cabbade and apple Add cranberries

Cut cabbage and apple. Throw into pot with less than a teaspoon of oil and salt. Stir. Cover. Low heat. Wait ten minutes. Throw cranberries. Cover. Stir. Wait for five minutes. Serve.


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