About me

Vegan. Frugal. Hardcore healthy.

For three years I’ve been sharing pics on Flickr of the things I cook, and get often asked in admiration if I have a foodblog, followed by a loud disillusion when I admit I don’t. So I thought I could start one for my friends and family to get properly disappointed.

My posts here will be 100% vegan: pictures, recipes and menus. Even if I sin occasionally offline with cheese or eggs, veganism is something I like to reinforce on my lifestyle. I still wear wool though. Sorry, no-one is perfect.

I do mostly ‘poor’ recipes with less than 5 ingredients. Honest dishes with quality foodstuffs are a scarce delicacy. Less is more.

Healthy for me means whole foods, plant-based diet, or in other words, vegan low-fat high-carb organic. I shop tons of seasonal fresh fruits and veggies, wholemeal cereals and legumes, organic when possible, and I stay away from prepackaged stuff, refined sugars and too much fat.

If you got this far and still want to know more, you can keep track of the healthy and simple dishes I cook on instagram. I also have a tumblr of vegan dishes I want to try which includes all healthy recipes I save on Pinterest. Also chat with me on twitter! I don’t have many followers so I get easily excited with any attention 😀

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