[Recipe review] Sweetly Savoury Borscht – vegan beetroot soup (Kellie’s Food to Glow)


I was never much into beetroot, then lived in Poland for a year. Now I crave for this traditional vegan soup every winter, and mourn because it doesn’t matter how many recipes I try, I can’t produce anything slightly similar to Barszcz. Seemed it was not just the name that was difficult.

Untill this time when I tried Kellies Food to Glow russian version.


Apparently I wasn’t using enough water. Plus I forgot crucial ingredients such as celery. I’m chopping fresh organic celery and freezing it, so there will always be some at hand. Remember to always buy organic celery, the Environmental Working Group pointed it as the second most toxic produce item in shopping carts.


Anyway, I just chopped the ingredients and boiled them. I tend to overlook recipe proportions, so this time again just threw watever was on hand. Used rice vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar and skipped the ground allspice, buckwheat and honey. And when I tasted it realized something: all this time I have not been using enough water. Beetroot has a strong flavour, be careful with it. So more water and an amazingly closer result. I’m almost there. Almost. I might try to prepare this the day before, they say it tastes better. But next time I’ll do it will be with the version from In Pursuit of More. I’m close, I can smell it! 😀

2 thoughts on “[Recipe review] Sweetly Savoury Borscht – vegan beetroot soup (Kellie’s Food to Glow)

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