Who cares about the weather black forrest ice lollies


Spring is here! Or it could be! Eventually!

So, who cares? Fruit ice lollies take you to a promised sunny land. Plus, are a ready treat in your freezer. The only thing you really need is an ice lolly mould and the chopper attachment from your blender. My chopper is strong enough, alway check if yours can handle ice!

* One banana peeled, sliced and frozen
* Handful of black forrest frozen fruits
* Drops of oats milk alternative, or any other milk alternative
* A dried apricot, chopped

* Drop in blender the banana and the frozen fruits
* Blend while adding the milk alternative till ice-cream consistency.
* Fill ice lolly moulds and put to freezer.
* Tip: For the mould to easily loosen, rinse with lukewarm water.

Where to get this stuff?
* Lolly moulds: IKEA £2
* Black Forest Fruits: Tesco £2
* Oats milk alternative: Oatly Organic £1.39
* Dried Apricots: Tesco £1