Menu Plan Monday ~ November 5th to 11st

Menu planning saves me time, money and makes my life simpler. It just needs some practice and discipline, but sharing it with the community around I’m and organizing junkie does help a lot. Personally, I tend to combine old favorites and new recipes, all simple, healthy and with modest seasonal ingredients.

This week (posting again on tuesday *ugh*) were are having a bit of a cold, so I’m back to good old onion soup. We were on Shepherd’s Bush Market this Saturday so loads of low-priced aubergines. I’m also excited I’ll be finally trying the chineese vegetable Bok Choy and another new soup recipe: White bean mushroom soup. Not that I’ve found good white beans in London, but we are planning to visit Borough Market on Saturday, so I’m confident we’ll get them there, together with loads of veggies for next week. Yay!

 Menu Plan Monday ~ November 5th to 11st








  • Lunch: Grilled asparagus
  • Dinner: Courgette risotto



Neapolitanian-Style Aubergine

“La cucina piccola fa la casa grande” – Italian proverb

The first time I tried this was december 2010 at a small punk restaurant in Lavapiés, Madrid, called Achuri (my review). I liked its taste and simplicity and was determined to master it at home.

Neapolitanian-Style Aubergine

I’ve been doing it now for a while and never get tired of it. You just need:
– Aubergine
– Fresh or canned tomatoes
– Oregano
– Salt, pepper and olive oil

Turn first the oven to heat, so it will be ready when you need it. Slice the aubergine and grate the tomatoes or open the tomato can. If the tomatoes are whole, then you can as well blend them.

Then place first the aubergine slices in an over tray or a oven plate and cover them with the tomato sauce, salt, pepper and oregano. You can put a bit of olive oil but tastes really good too without any fat at all. Place in oven and wait for about 20 minutes. Depending on your oven that might change. What I do is I wait untill some of the top is a bit burned.

* Because I was posting this, I researched a bit about the dish and found it IS a real italian dish from Naples, not some name just sounding fancy. “Melanzane alla napoletana” (in sicily “maranciane mbuttunate”) are eggplant slices cooked in the oven with tomato sauce and oregano, sometimes with capers, sometimes with garlic, and others with cheese.