Mushroom soup with apple and baharat


What to do with button mushrooms that go bad? I hate to throw away food, and my mushrooms had only brown spots and a bit of liquid. But should I risk it?

After an intense search of 5 min, I have not seen any specific answer to this. Seems that if mushrooms are wild, beware, they could get poisonous just by going bad. But if they are white button and come from the supermarket, it’s very unlikely they contain bacteria or spores that will hurt you. Some websites refer to white mushrooms ‘sweating’ and that you should keep them in a brown paper bag, others, that mushrooms dry away and the brown spots are an indicator of this. My mushrooms were in a plastic container that was partially covered, mushrooms dried, water evaporated, hit the plastic top, condensed, liquid fell. Made sense. Or maybe not, because the liquid was at the bottom. Forget science, I was hungry and decided to take my chances.

If you’re doing something as stupid as this, cook the mushrooms, they’ll be less nutritious but at least you’ll be beating the chances of food poisoning. I actually flambéed them at some point while frying with garlic. Then added apple. Boiled with sliced potato. And blended.

I was not 100% sure about the taste, so I did as millenary cultures: use spices to cover it. This time, it was Baharat, and I’ve got to say this mushroom trip is fantastic. Just joking, I’m perfectly well. Just wished this flying elephant would move and let me see the screen. Recipe is delicious, but will use fresh mushrooms next time.