[Recipe review] Tomato, courgette, white bean and basil soup (The perfect pantry)

This is a picture of Lablascovegmenu's Flickr that shows a bowl of Tomato, zucchini, white bean and basil soup

Baked beans had shown to lower total cholesterol levels and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, according to wikipedia, so I’ve been looking for new ways to cook white beans with vegetables, other than common meat-based spanish fabada (or soyrizo for based vegan fabada).

I followed this perfect pantry’s recipe. Well, more or less, as always. I didn’t use cheese, nor replaced it with anything. I didn’t use heavy stock, just added extra celery, and did not use enough tomatoes, just two cherry ones. But I did use dried beans instead of canned, that gives it more vitamins, is cheaper, has better taste and I bet is more filling. Just bear in mind dried beans do grow a lot from dry to soaked, and to keep an eye not to run out of water.

– white beans
– olive oil
– courgette, chopped
– tomatoes, chopped
– dried thyme
– fresh basil leaves

Start turning on the alarm the night before you want to do this. Soak beans in water when it rings.
The day after, I started with the sauté onion and garlic then boiled soaked beans with water, tyme and celery for more than one hour. Is calles slow cooking for a reason, I guess.
Then I added the chopped courgette and tomatoes and boiled for some ten to fifteen minutes more.

Overall rating… meh. Don’t get me wrong, beans were delicious, but they always are. I guess it’s really good if you’re used to baked beans with tomato, because this recipe them an italian twist. But for me, it still lacks something, and I’m not the kind of girl to rely on heavy vegetable stock or cheese for that. Will keep on searching!


Menu Plan Monday ~ November 12nd to 18th

Menu planning saves me time, money and makes my life simpler. It just needs some practice and discipline, but sharing it with the community around I’m and organizing junkie does help a lot. Personally, I tend to combine old favorites and new recipes, all simple, healthy and with modest seasonal ingredients.

This week I’ll be doing some dishes with white beans. I found them in a little indian shop at the Shepherd’s Bush Market. Yummy! We also visited visit Borough Market and got some mushrooms I’ll be using this week either to grill or for some other recipes. Bok Choy was not so exciting, but maybe because I used in another dish, so I’ve put it again to try the soy recipe. Enjoy!


Lunch: Spaghetti aglio oglio ed pomodoro seco
Dinner: Oyster mushroom vegan risotto


Lunch: Grilled Bok Choy with white beans and squash soup
Dinner: Vegan curried coconut milk noodles


Lunch: Chard rice soup
Dinner: Catalan-style spinach


Lunch: Grilled tofu salad and Organic green split peas miso soup
Dinner: Grilled artichokes and grilled flat mushrooms


Lunch: Vegan Ceviche de tofu and Roasted Cabbage with Lemon
Dinner: Swiss vegan sausage with soy-instant mashed potatoes and boiled peas


Lunch: Cous cous with vegetables
Dinner: Kale & coconut chickpea chapatis


Lunch: Cabbage soyrizo steamed wraps
Dinner: Spring garlic and mushroom miso organic wholemeal noodles