Menu Plan Monday ~13th to 19th Jan & Notting Hill shopping

Menu Plan Monday 13th to 19th Jan

Menu planning saves me time, money and makes my life simpler. It just needs some practice and discipline, but sharing it with the community around I’m and organizing junkie does help a lot. I eat a whole foods, plant based diet and tend to combine old favorites and new recipes, all simple, healthy and with modest seasonal ingredients.

This week we went to check the Notting Hill Gate Farmers Market with a friend. Since we arrived late, there was not much left, but we still managed to get some great veggies and fruits, plus this cute organic shop attached opens longer: Chegworth Farm Shop. Then we went for a walk around the Portobello Market and found the fruit and veg section from Elgin Crescent to Talbot Road, not organic but excellent produce. Ask for the price first, it’s not particularly cheap, we had to stretch our budget this time 😦  

Saturday haul at Notting Hill Farmers' Market and Portobello

The new exciting dish I’m trying this week is Braised Black Cabbage and Noodles in Black Bean Sauce from Shu Han, and we still have lots of pumpkin and cauliflower from last week. I totally loved the cauliflower soup from Solveig Berg Vollan, so I’m doing it one again!








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