Superfast healthy vegan ice cream

Raw vegan banana ice cream with frozen berries

Contrary to most recipes you’ve seen online for ice cream, this one does not contain dairy, sugar nor sweetener neither you need expensive ice cream machines. Tastes delicious and it’s done in a flapping of a butterfly!

It’s amazing how sweet a banana can be. And it absolutely does NOT make you fat. No matter what you read in superficial magazines about the sugar content. I might disagree with Debra Waterhouse on women needing chocolate, but her book was right on this and many other things. Banana sweetness it’s packed in really good fiber and vitamins, plus (I quote wikipedia) “Bananas are an excellent source of vitamin B6, soluble fiber, and contain moderate amounts of vitamin C, manganese and potassium. Along with other fruits and vegetables, consumption of bananas may be associated with a reduced risk of colorectal cancer and in women, breast cancer and renal cell carcinoma”.

So: Go bananas and treat yourself with a healthy ice cream for a change!

You’ll need:
* A sprinkle od oats milk. My favorite, but any other non dairy milk of your choice will do.
* Frozen banana. Most people freeze their bananas unpeeled. I don’t. I peel, slice it and freeze it in a plastic bag. Then you only use what you need, or thicken if you overdid the oats milk, you got me!
* Chopper attachment blender. My chopper is strong enough, but alway check if yours can handle ice.
* (Optional) Berries either fresh or frozen and mint leaf

Drop in blender the equivalent of a frozen banana per person and a sprinkle of oats milk. Chop. Serve.
Decor with tiny mint leaf and berries. If you use frozen berries like I do, get them out of the freezer some minutes before, so they will be softer when you serve.

This dish does melt fast, so be fast taking your instagram picture 😀


9 thoughts on “Superfast healthy vegan ice cream

  1. Mmmm…that looks delish, what a beautiful photo. ♥ We made vegan frozen coconut milk stuff…I’ve never seen oat milk but will look for it next time I’m at Whole Foods!

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