Healthy snacks & board games


A minute to prepare, has 5 times less kcal than chips and bakes while you play. Not only my gests loved yesterday my healthy geekness, but I also did really well at The Settlers of Catan 😀

Potatoes are great nutritious food, unfairly misreputed as fattening because of oily chips and sauces. Baked at home keep low-fat and filling while conforting (more on McDougall’s Starch Solution).

Only drawback of potatoes is their lack of fiber, so I try to compensate keeping their skins on (better organic) and adding gounded flax seeds. This also fortifies with extra vitamins, let me hear a *YAY*. Add pepper or paprika for great spicy taste.

Baked low-fat potato chips

Ingredients for 4:
– 1Kg of organic potatoes 750kcal
– Teaspoon of olive oil
– Teaspoon of gounded flax seeds
– Pepper or paprika
– Salt

Heat up the oven. Cut potatoes. Add seasoning and oil. Mix with your hands. Place in oven. Play! Snack! Play!



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