Blueberries porridge with oats milk and flaxseeds. No sugar added.


I had never tried porridge untill I came to UK few months ago, and it quickly conquered me. Inexpensive, filling, helathy and fast. Everything a granola vegan needs. Now it seems I’ve been having this kind of breakfast all my life.

Real scottish porridge can be as simple as salt, water and oatmeal but modern times have added milk, honey, sugar or fruits. My favorite fruit to add is banana. Never imagined boiled banana could taste so yummy. Also blueberries are great, but remember buying organic ones, conventionally grown berries are known to cointain huge amount of pesticides. I’m trying to stay away from refined sugar, honey, agave and substitutives (find here why) so if I have a sweet tooth, then I’ll add grapes or dried apricots too.

Flaxseeds are not compulsory, but since I do a teaspoon a day, it’s a great place to hide them.

This one had:
– Blueberries
– Organic oatmeal
– Water
– Organic blueberries
– A teaspoon of flaxseeds

– Throw everything into pot (I never ever measure, bad habit)
– Boil for less than 5 minutes
– Serve

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