Broccoli leftovers fusili thick soup

Instead of what I planned for today, I’ve used some steamed broccoli leftovers. Felt like a soup, so I threw to the hop a pair of other leftovers I had in the frigde (leek and squash) and boiled them then blended together with the broccoli.

But I wanted something more filling and didn’t feel like bread. So I thought rice or dried split peas would go great with this. However, I was getting so hungry I would not even the 15 minutes of white rice and so I added the fusilli. It’s the first time I cook fusilli in this way, and it feels way unappropriate, but what the frak, it was so yummy I couldn’t wait and even burned my tongue. Still hurts. Dadadá.

The plate is presented with oregano, fres basil leaves and black sesamee.


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