Baking soda face cleansing: no aluminium

Searching for a natural and unexpensive face cleansing, found tons of youtube videos praising the benefits of baking soda, advising however to be careful and buy one without aluminium that might be an Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Factor.

I went to Wikipedia and learned Baking Soda is actually Sodium bicarbonate used in cooking, personal higiene and has also some medical uses. In UK supermarkets it’s found quite cheap under the name of “bicarbonate of soda”:

Then I started to doubt. Organic would be better and most probably won’t contain scary aluminium. But how could I be sure if it was hidden? On the other hand, what if the unbranded didn’t have aluminium either I and was so silly to pay 0.74 more?

Then tried to research where this aluminium would come from. It should be somewhere, because there are allegedly non aluminium more expensive ones:

Even studying Baking Soda’s manufacturing process didn’t find a clue. And it was getting more and more confusing with all those similar things called bicarbonate (or hydrogen carbonate), sodium carbonate (also known as washing soda or soda ash) and the commercial Baking Powder (Powder, not Soda), used instead of yeast in quick breads containing sodium bicarbonate with a starch and an acid salt that sometimes is sodium aluminium sulfate or sodium aluminum phosphate… BINGO!

Baking Soda does not contain aluminium. Baking Powder sometimes does.

Conclusion: As Crunchy Betty confirmed, no need for me to buy branded, organic or non-aluminium Baking Soda. And if what you want is Baking Powder, check the ingredients or this list.

Learn the difference, save some pennies, and please don’t rub your face with cornstarch:


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