Barbecuing with meat-eaters: just put the veggies in the bread

Ok, I live with a carnivore. And yes, there were tons of people at my place grilling cadavres. So regardless of the moral implications, witch on this cases I tend to ignore, my concern was to find a meat substitute to avoid the “oh-poor-veg” mood that tends to jeopardize nice conversatins. After all, the idea was to enjoy my gests’ company, not debating on animal rights nor nutrition.

At the same time, I didn’t want to buy anything special. Not tofu, not seitan, not any processed and expensive soy sausages, hamburgers, you name it. Then I remembered this new fashion on portobello-hamburgers and yay, it worked wonders.

For the meat-eaters, when the barbecued meat comes to the table is when you are finally eating. Yeah, because after stuffing yourself with a huge salad, tons of sweet corn, portobellos, courgettes, potatoes, aubergines and bread you’re probably starving. Believe it or not, at this moment they stare at you. Worried. And wondering.

It’s so silly how putting your veggies in the bread changes everything. You grab your “portobello-hamburger”, they see a veggie whatever not so unlike their “real food”. You get your approved stamp, they get their curiosity satisfied. Sometimes someone even makes a pic for her foodblog. End of the story.

And yes, it was a wonderful day. Had a really good time with friends, the food was great, and I’m sill in wonder of their brilliant ability to produce mojitos in my hand! 😀

4 thoughts on “Barbecuing with meat-eaters: just put the veggies in the bread

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